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Our range of mounts can be used for all types of installation for masking or concealing your projector inside false ceilings. Depending on the model, they support up to 100kg and allow a run of up to 4m.

Ecran de projection - MOTORIZED_MOUNTS


The Mini-Pantographe 10 is designed to support a maximum load of 10kg.

  • Maximum lowering distance: 80cm
  • Maximum load: 10kg
  • Single phase 220V motor with 2 end-stops
  • Adjustable system for false ceiling installation included.
  • Recessed installation frame included.
  • Radio remote control included (receiver is equipped with up and down buttons).
Ecran de projection - MOTORIZED_MOUNTS


The Mini-Pantographe 20 supports up to 25kg and enables 2m descent

  • 2 models: 1m or 2m lowering distance
  • Maximum load: 25kg
  • End stops are adjustable on the motor
  • Radio remote control is included
  • Recessed installation frame is in option
Ecran de projection - MOTORIZED_MOUNTS


The Mini-Pantographe 30 supports up to 30kg and is equipped with 3 limit switches

  • 4 models: 1m, 2m, 3m and 4m lowering distance
  • Maximum load: 30kg
  • Initally equipped with 3 limit switches adjustable from a control box
  • Delivered with up/down/stop inverter
  • Optional radio infrared 3 positions remote
Ecran de projection - MOTORIZED_MOUNTS


The Pantographe 100 supports up to 105kg

  • 5 models: 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m and 5m lowering distance
  • Maximum load: 105kg
  • Single-phase 230V motor equipped with 2 limit switches.
  • Delivered with up/down/stop inverter
  • Equipped with a drop-stop device
Your projector is mounted hidden in the false ceiling
Ecran de projection - MOTORIZED_MOUNTS


The video projector is hidden, a hatch allows the projection of the image thanks to its two mirrors, without causing keystone effect.

  • Comes with radio remote control
  • Optional cover frame

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