Surfaces dedicated to front projection are suitable, as their name suggests, for a projector placed at the front.
The matte white colour is the most versatile way to ensure the best image reproduction.
It comes in various versions to meet every need.

For more information:

Diffusing surface offering the largest cone of reflection. Very versatile, it offers an excellent result with all types of projectors for projections in semi-darkness.

Particularly matte, it diffuses the light perfectly, while reproducing the very high resolution of the images. No visible structural effect, unlike woven fabrics.

Main characteristics:

  • Applications: All types of projection
  • Maximum dimensions: Unlimited, welds invisible induring projection
  • Gain: 1.0
  • Weight: 0.4kg/m²
  • Thickness: 0.32mm
  • Fire classification: M1

Available products include:

  • bare fabric
  • Eeyelets
  • Hems, fabric covers
  • Snap buttons