An ultra-compact wireless motorized projection screen

For a wireless home cinema

Emblematic item of Oray‘s brand, the Squar’ line’s projection screens are essential for home theater. 
eSquar’ offers something more : it is wireless

eSquar’HC has all the advantages of Squar’HC : a compact and motorized screen, as well as a neat manufacture and impeccable finish that making it an excellent value for money

Available in a range of standard sizes, this projection screen provides a large-format image, up to 3.42 metres wide, to suit your needs. 

Its square casing, both elegant and functional, houses a matt white blackout fabric for use in front of a light source without compromising image quality. Its black outline enhances contrast and increases immersion. 

It is easy to install on the wall or ceiling thanks to its sliding fixings, and can even be recessed in a false ceiling with its optional underface+. 

What’s innovative about eSquar’? It’s wireless!

Equipped with a long-lasting battery, it only needs one or two charges a year to offer all the comfort of a motorised projection screen (remote open/close) without complex connections or the need to hide cables.

Additionally, its charger is magnetic : simply position the power cable on the housing, and you’re all set ! 

eSquar'HC wireless home cinema screen technical data

Several standard references are available for this wireless home cinema screen, which allows a picture up to 3m42 wide: it is available in 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10 formats.

The projection surface of the eSquar’HC is a matt white blackout, avoiding the impact of natural and artificial light behind the screen. It can even be positioned back to a window. 

Framed by a 4cm black border, this model has an extra-drop to adjust the projection area for 16:9 and 16:10 formats. 

Technical specifications : 

  • Very compact 10×10.6cm square housing. 
  • Lightweight, white-lacquered aluminium housing
  • Integrated triangular weight bar 
  • Radio remote control supplied
  • M2 fireproof certified fabric
  • Speed Solo System : the projection screen can be installed quickly and easily, even by one person. 
  • Li-ion battery, charged once to twice a year (for one open/close per day), full charging in under 4h. 
  • Advanced magnetic charging system
  • Charger with LEDs indicating whether charging is in progress (red) or complete (green)
eSquar’ is also available in matt white, M1 fire-rated without a black edge or extra-drop, for professionals and establishments open to the public: eSquar’Pro.

Options for this projection screen

  • The stand-off brackets. These are designed to move your screen away from the wall so as to protect what is attached to it and better integrate the screen into its environment. Fixed in this way, it will unfold in front of your flat-screen TV or the picture on the wall. 
  • The Underface+. This accessory allows you to embed your projection screen in a false ceiling, in one or two steps.
    When installing an underface+, we recommend that you use a false ceiling mouting kit.