For more than 75 years, ORAY has supported its distributors in their most ambitious projects.

From cinemas to education, from convention centres to home cinema, from business to simulator, ORAY caters for all forms of projection and back projection, with one of the most comprehensive ranges in the world.

ORAY is keen to offer the best value for money on all of its ranges, and particular care is given to the choice of materials, the quality of assembly and innovative product design.

Usine Oray1970

QUALITY & KNOW-HOW since 1947

The most complete range.
Through its constant search for new products and desire to adapt as closely as possible to developments in projection techniques, the ORAY company is the number 1 in France for projection screens, and is one of the world leaders.


ORAY, based to south-west of Paris, designs, manufactures and markets projection screens, audio-visual accessories and home cinema seats.

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Giving priority to ecologically and socially responsible design

Social and environmental issues are a priority for ORAY.
Its commitments have led it to launch numerous initiatives with a view to improving its overall performance, within an economic model geared towards the future: 

  • ECONOMIC performance
  • SOCIAL performance
  • ENVIRONMENTAL performance.


All its services departments are ISO 9001:2015 certified


Oray, fabricant d'écran de projection sur-mesure

Custom made

Oray has unique expertise in adapting to your specifications in terms of: screen size, projection format, special fixings, printing on screen fabric, manually-operated and motorized chairs, choice of textile, colour, and more.

Pictogramme installation installateur écran de projection oray


Our team of experts assists you in carrying out installations in a professional way.

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Technical support

Our team helps you produce a specification for your products in order to always better meet your needs.