Translucent surfaces show images from a projector located behind the screen.
The surface on the viewer’s side is designed for better diffusion of the image.

For more information:

The most beautiful images with perfect colour management.
This surface has no hot spots, and allows Edge Blending projection. Highly diffusing, it offers a very worthwhile cone of use.
The translucent DF projection surface can also be used to show an image on both sides of the screen.
It is sensitive to extraneous light, which should be avoided so that there is no disturbance of the projection surface.

Main characteristics:

  • Applications: Tensioned (non-folding) and roll-up screens
  • Maximum dimensions: No limit
  • Maximum transmission: 0.7
  • Edge Blending possible: yes
  • Weight: 0.588kg/m²
  • Thickness: 0.40mm
  • Fire classification: M1