eSquar’ by Oray is the first french wireless motorized projection screen, for an installation with no compromise : 

  • A qualitative screen, an efficient and durable motorization, an elegantly designed casing. 
  • An everyday comfort with a screen that rolls up and down effortlessly. 
  • Easy and quick installation, a lightweight casing that just needs to be attached, with no connections or cables required
eSquar' home cinema sans fil oray

The first french motorized wireless projection screen

eSquar’ originates from the “Squar’”s’ line,  which is Oray‘s emblematic 

motorized projection screen widely appreciated for its quality, durability and design. However eSquar’ proposes something extra. 


It retains, of course, what makes the Squar’ line’s success :

– A large choice of sizes, up to 3.5m wide.

– Blackout matt white or matt white projection surface that is M1 certified according to the NF P92-507 french norm, relative to the anti-fire classification.

– Compact and elegant design, with its square casing and its triangular weighing bar that fits in perfectly.

– Mounting system that perfectly adapts to your needs : to the wall, to the ceiling, or even inside a false ceiling with its optional Underface+.

– An efficient and durable motorization, allowing it to be rolled up and down remotely.

But that’s not all : eSquar’ is also equipped with a battery !

An innovating conception, for a wireless projection screen with optimal comfort

eSquar’ is THE ideal solution for a quick and simple setup, in any environment. 
It will be as perfect in a seminar or
meeting room as it is in a wireless home cinema ! It guarantees an optimal user experience. 

A wireless motorized projection screen is the best way to avoid complex electrical junctions or to have to hide cables while enjoying the coziness and the practicality that motorization procures. 

Its battery is particularly durable : one to two recharges per year are needed for daily up and down usage, with an average charging time of under 4 hours.

And for even greater convenience, we designed this wireless motorized projection screen with advanced magnetic charging : the charger tip is magnetic. Just approach the power cable to its base for it to connect. 

Of course, the charger is equipped with a LED system in order to indicate if it is charging (red), or if the charge is complete (green). 

eSquar' home cinema sans fil oray